I’m the mama, dreamer, sweet tea sipper, and CEO of BNB Creative Co.

Born and raised in the San Joaquin Valley of sunny California, I started my hand lettering journey in 2015 while planning my own wedding to my soulmate and high school sweet heart, Trav. I drove 4 hours to and from my first pointed pen calligraphy class and never let my pen drop. Literally.

I took what I learned from dipping nib to ink and applied it to every surface and medium I could find! Wood, glass, acrylic, chalkboard, fabric, you name it!

From hand lettering workshops to home signage, creating and designing your favorite latte art stencils, and connecting through motherhood, I am a small business owner that loves hand crafting thoughtful and authentic pieces that capture life's sweetest moments (even if it's through your morning cup of joe!).

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Every piece created is made with a whole lot of love wrapped into every little detail.

Here at BNB Creative Co., we pour passion into the creation of each handcrafted, purposeful piece. When our goods find their way home to you, it’s our hope they spark joy and inspiration through the spaces around you.